Life is a Funny Thing

Life is a funny thing. We think we know where we are going and what our plan is. However, we learn that life is an adventure filled with unexpected twists and turns that generally lead us where we did not plan.
For the 1st 40 years of my life, I misunderstood what I was in control of. Some drastic changes occurred in my life that allowed me to learn that the only things I have control of are my attitude, beliefs and behaviors.
I took a serious look at my attitude, beliefs, and behaviors and saw that some were positive and productive, and some not so much. I realized that many of them I had learned from my family and had passed them onto my children.
I didn’t like the realization that I had passed on attitude, beliefs and behaviors to my children that could hold them back from being the best they can be.
I decided to make some changes in myself and how I was living my life. In doing this, many positive changes happened. I have much better relationships with my family and friends. I have a better relationship with myself and life is less stressful. The changes I made didn’t just affect me, but those around me. I actually changed the legacy I had been creating. My children could see the changes I had made and have the opportunity to choose to make them for themselves, if they wished to do so. My children now see that it is never too late to create what you want in your life. They are aware of the power they have to create a legacy they are proud of and make a difference that positively affects others.
We all have the power and the choice to make a huge difference in our world by continuously working on being the best we can be. Is this easy? No! Is it possible? Yes!
That is why I started, “Bright Futures Now”. I equip people with the skills they need to create the legacy they want. I would love to work with anyone you know that is looking to make a change in their life. Please do call me for more information about “Bright Futures Now” and we can make a positive difference together.

Stacey Gaker, Legacy Coach

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